As per Pakistan, Saudi Arabia will not be part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


Riyadh’s proposed investments in Pakistan are set to fall under a separate bilateral arrangement.

Pakistan’s new PTI government had recently asserted that Saudi Arabia was assured to become the third partner in the CPEC — that consists of major infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s first official State visit to Riyadh follows this announcement.

Khan-led government trying the CPEC as a negotiating tool in Pakistan’s vital bilateral relationships.

He denounced his predecessor Nawaz Sharif, for lack of transparency in the CPEC projects.

Khan mentioned that the former PM could not visualize the fallout of massive inflows of Chinese machinery on the country’s external finances.

On 6th October in Balochistan province’s capital Quetta, Khan expressed complete awareness about the reservations of Baloch people about the CPEC projects.

He asserted that “Balochistan would be paid more than its due share in the CPEC projects,” while arguing that the province was ignored by the previous governments.