A Pakistan journalist is getting blasted online for saying that Indians should be afraid of Pakistan’s power because they stopped exporting tomatoes to the country.


The video of the journalist giving a monologue on the same was posted on Twitter and has been going viral ever since.

In the video, the journalist can be seen shouting, “Ye tamatar hum Rahul or Modi ke muh pe marenge. Ye India ne gandi aur neech harkat ki hai.”

The man then continues by saying, “Waqt aa gaya hai ki tamatar ka jawaab, atom bomb se diya jaega.”

Watch the full video here:

This comes after many Indian farmers threatened to stop exporting tomatoes to Pakistan because of the Pulwama terrorist attacks.

“We are farmers and we grow tomatoes. We also export tomatoes to Pakistan. And by eating our food, they are killing our soldiers. We now want Pakistan to get destroyed. We will also not let any other country sent tomatoes to Pakistan,” ANI had quoted a farmer Ravindra Patidar from MP as saying.

After the viral video was posted online, Twitterati obviously took it upon themselves to drag this man apart and troll him for his comments.

One Twitter user called him out by pointing that even his colleagues in the background of the video can be seen laughing at him.

Another user blasted the man saying, “Seriously, these tv channels have only succeeded in providing entertainment to the Indians.”

Some even trolled him for saying tauba tauba multiple times in the video, “He said “tauba tauba” 18 times in this video of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Tauba tauba!”

However, this is not the first time that a Pakistani journalist has posted a video targeting India. Another journalist, Kiran Naz also took to Twitter recently to post a video.

Similar videos have been flooding the internet after the Pulwama attacks.