Parents, grandparents get direct experience into their child’s journey at VKE

PUNE: Victorious Kidss Educares, with its teaching and learning pedagogy, of IB, is uniquely coupled with Vedanta, and recently they welcomed the learning community of parents, grandparents, and some associated elders of the family, as part of the Student Led Conference (SLC). SLC was conducted on November 26, at the Kharadi, Pune school complex, a statement issued by the school said.
Students from three years of age (Junior kindergarten), up to 12 years of age (Grade 5,) discussed, displayed, and reflected on their selected subject areas and led the discussion. Through this open-ended discussion, students and parents became aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Parents had a direct experience of their children’s holistic attainment. They spend quality time in the art gallery, and music lab and witnessed children perform music, dance, and physical education including special…

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