Pedro Visits A Divorce Lawyer In New Preview – Hollywood Life


It’s been a couple of weeks since Pedro set his “separation boundary” with Chantel. “It’s not working,” Pedro admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the August 22 episode of The Family Chantel.

Pedro meets with a divorce lawyer amid his separation from Chantel. (TLC)

He continues, “Chantel no give me the space that I’m asking for. She try to knock on my door, not let me sleep. She sometime get, you know, very angry.”

Pedro claims that when he opens up the door Chantel will cry for a moment, and then she’ll get angry. He wonders if she’s just trying to manipulate him.

Pedro decides to go see a divorce attorney. He wants to learn all his options about filing for separation. But that’s not all. He wants to learn “more about divorce.”

The lawyer specializes in…

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