If petrol price hits century mark, pumps will strike zero


Petrol prices are rising day by day. Prices are expected to rise and the petrol price is likely to reach Rs 100 a liter by the end of this year. The same thing happened to the common man, not only the petrol bunkers. The petrol century hit .. Dispensing units in the bunkers stop working.


At present, we have two calculations to look at prices in two digit and two decimal figures. That means only a liter petrol or diesel price of bunkers is up to Rs 99.99.

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Petrol price hike at Rs 100.00 Dispensing units (DEW) will automatically display 0.00 or otherwise work. The owner of the bunk management is required to get the money from the petrol hits.

Petrol prices could not reach Rs 100 when digitization of the DUs. Doctors and consumers do not face difficulties until upgrading Deutsu, “said All India Petroleum dealers Association chairman M Prabhakar Reddy.