Pigeon poops on politician during interview about pigeon poop problem


In a rather embarrassing incident, an Illinois lawmaker was pooped on by a pigeon while he was discussing the ongoing pigeon poop problem at a local station in Chicago.

The unfortunate incident was caught on camera while state Rep. Jamie Andrade was giving an interview to CBS Chicago.

Andrade was discussing the pigeon dropping problem with the interviewer of the channel when the unthinkable happened. He became a victim himself.

The footage of the incident was shared by the interviewer, Lauren Victory, on Twitter.

She wrote: “Not to be crass but #IL lawmaker talking to me about feces, feathers & filth fell victim to culprit during our #MorningInsiders interview. Ew! @cbschicago caught it all on camera.

Watch it here:

“Did I just get – I did, didn’t I? I’ll just have to go clean up. That’s what happens to my constituents. They get shit on all time,” Andrade can be heard saying in the interview footage that has now gone viral.

The channel reported pigeons have become a menace at the Irvine Park Blue Line station as their droppings and feathers cover the commuters path on a daily basis.

Andrade said that the authorities are trying their best to fix the problem. The commuters, however, are not happy with the progress.

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“They washed it as result of the first news story, and then nothing at all happened. There were no washings in between then and a month later when I complained again on social media,” rider Derek Barthel told CBS Chicago.

The underpass near the blue line station is where the pigeons hang out. It is not part of the station and comes under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation. The sidewalk just below it serves as the pigeon’s dropping area.

Andrade said that he needs to go back to the drawing board in order to find a solution to the problem.

“Now I have to come up with new money,” he said.