PM Modi said he was different from predecessors, will neither overlook nor tolerate terrorism: Jaishankar | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been “crystal clear” that he will never allow terrorism, especially of the cross-border nature, to be normalised, and this determination has shaped India’s policy towards Pakistan since 2014, foreign minister S Jaishankar has said.
Writing in the book “Modi@20: Dreams Meet Delivery”, Jaishankar recalled Modi’s parting instructions for him when he was set for his ‘SAARC Yatra’ in 2015 after becoming foreign minister.
“The PM told me that he had great confidence in my experience and judgement, but there is one thing I should keep in mind when I arrive at Islamabad. He was different from his predecessors and would neither overlook nor tolerate terrorism. There should never be any ambiguity on this score,” he said.
In his dealing with boundary dispute involving China, Modi has displayed requisite patience and this has been accompanied by a…

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