Rahul Gandhi: India will be hit by multiple Covid waves unless we get our vaccine strategy right | India News

NEW DELHI: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that India will be hit by multiple Covid waves if the government failed to get its vaccine strategy right.
“Lockdown helps in fighting coronavirus. But lockdown, social distancing, wearing masks are temporary strategies to fight the Covid-19. Getting people fully vaccinated is the only way to eradicate coronavirus from the country,” Rahul Gandhi said in a virtual press conference on Friday.
“Get your vaccination strategy right, don’t give chance to Covid virus to mutate. If we don’t get it right, there will be third, fourth and many waves in the country,” he said.
“The government does not understand the nature of what they’re fighting. Understand the dangers of mutation of this virus. You’re creating a liability for the whole planet. Why? Because you are allowing 97% of the population to be attacked by the virus as only 3% are vaccinated,” Rahul said.

The central government and PM Modi are directly responsible for so many deaths in India, he said.
“The Prime Minister’s ‘nautanki’ is the reason behind the second wave of Covid-19 in India. He did not understand Covid. India’s death rate is a lie. The government should tell the truth,” Gandhi said.
“Lying about death is helping coronavirus. It’s gone past politics, it’s about saving people’s lives,” he said.
Rahul accused PM Modi of being an event manager. “The PM does not understand strategy. For him, everything is an event.”

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