Researchers in Karnataka document first-ever albino dhole

BENGALURU: As if there is no end to faunal variety in the state forests, especially in the vast Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary landscape, researchers as part of the long-term population monitoring of leopards across Karnataka have documented the first ever case of albinism in Dholes (Cuon alpinus) or Asiatic Wild Dog. Said to be the first such representation, a partial albino dhole has been photo-documented in the Sangama range of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary a few days ago. Incidentally, Karnataka Forest Department’s frontline staffers of the sanctuary had also noticed this individual before the actual photo documentation.
Monitoring leopards as part of a long-term leopard population study, researchers led by Sanjay Gubbi and his team of Nature Conservation Foundation and Holematti Nature Foundation have photo documented the albino dhole. “Albinism is a colour aberration disorder with…

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