Responsible nations must back efforts by Narendra Modi and others to ensure peace in South Asia: US

In a strong message to Pakistan, United States Secretary of Defence James Mattis on Monday said that it was time for everyone to support the peace process in South Asia and back UN, PM Narendra Modi and others.


Asserting that 40 years is enough for every responsible nation to get on board with the south Asia peace process, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, in a strong message to Pakistan, said it is time for everyone to support the efforts of the UN, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghanistan in this regard.


Mattis was responding to a question from reporters about the letter written by President Donald Trump to Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan, seeking his support in the peace process in Afghanistan. In his letter, Trump has made it clear that Pakistan’s full support over the issue “is fundamental” to building an enduring US-Pakistan partnership.

Trump, in his letter to Khan, has urged that Pakistan’s support is fundamental to a peace process in Afghanistan and the basis of an ‘enduring US-Pakistan partnership’. Meanwhile, Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is on a five-day visit to the US and was welcomed by Mattis at the Pentagon.

“A strong foundation has been laid for the India-US defence relationship over the years. India sees the US as an important partner in defence,” Sitharaman said while adding that ‘she was encouraged by the importance attached to the India-US defence relationship in the new US National Security Strategy’- news agency.