Rev. Al Sharpton preaches public safety, will Albany listen?


Harlem’s Rev. Al Sharpton has joined the growing chorus of New Yorkers calling for tweaks to the state’s disastrous bail law and other criminal-justice reforms.

When it comes to improving public safety, The Rev is showing more sense than the Democratic lawmakers who run Albany.

 “There are tweaks that can turn these good reforms into great ones by addressing issues like recidivism, giving our district attorneys the right tools, and helping the thousands of mentally ill New Yorkers forced out onto the streets,” Sharpton said Monday.

The reforms instituted by the Legislature have allowed a set of hardcore repeat offenders to feel immune from punishment. A surge in teen violence has followed passage of the Raise the Age juvenile reforms, as youthful gangbangers seem to have taken it as license to shoot their peers.

Sharpton, who last year cracked,…

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