Revel’s Bronx exit proves tech can’t save cities


It’s been a long time since a company, let alone a woke tech firm, openly said that street crime had pushed it out of The Bronx. But that’s exactly what Revel, the blue-moped company, cited this month in announcing a “pause” in its service there.

Don’t blame Revel, which is bizarrely honest for our techspeak times — it’s yet another sign that property crime is not victimless and the poor, as always, will bear the brunt of rising crime. 

Revel operates in two tech “spaces.” In the parlance of Silicon Valley, it is a “sharing” company: It rents mopeds to anyone 21 or over with a driver’s license. You just go on the app, find a moped on the street, unlock it and return it somewhere else on the street. 

It’s also a “micromobility” company. It’s supposed to provide an urban-transportation solution different from an…

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