River Saraswati has played a key role in Indian civilisational existence: Sanjeev Sanyal | India News

NEW DELHI: There is a close link between geography and civilisation and the river Saraswati has played a key role in the Indian civilisational existence, noted economist and author Sanjeev Sanyal said on the first day of the National Youth Festival 2022.
“There is a close link between our geography and our civilization. This helps us to understand the fundamentals of our ancient civilization,” Sanyal, Principal Economic Advisor to the Government of India, said at the event.
Talking about the forgotten and lesser known history of River Saraswati and a critical role it played in our civilisational existence, he quashed some of the persistent myths about India. He spoke about the “actual proof of the River Saraswati as referenced across ancient Hindu texts.” He also showed actual maps and satellite imagery to buttress his viewpoint, an official statement released here said.

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