SC approves demolition of 350-yr-old Dutch building | India News

NEW DELHI: “Not all ancient buildings have heritage value,” said the Supreme Court on Monday and green lighted demolition of the over 350-year-old Patna Collectorate building, constructed on the banks of river Ganga by Dutch colonists prior to Battle of Plassey to serve as a thriving trading hub-cum-godown for saltpeter and opium.
With ascendancy of British in India after the 1757 Battle of Plassey and the gradual decline of Dutch, the English had converted the Dutch warehouse at Patna as collectorate and since then it had quietly served as the fountainhead of Patna administration, till the Nitish Kumar government decided to demolish the centuries-old dilapidated building to create space for erecting a new collectorate building.
The decision to demolish the building had made Dutch embassy in Delhi write to the Bihar government offering help, in collaboration with NIT-Patna, to make…

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