Self Help Groups: A silent revolution in Bihar | India News

NEW DELHI: Meet Geeta Devi from Bihar. 34-year-old Geeta is from Bara village of Arwal district. She produces Makhana (Fox Nuts) and has managed a sale of Rs 1 lakh in the Saras Mela held in the state capital recently.
Meera Kumari from Jitvarpur in Madhubani district of the state has successfully turned her hobby of painting into her profession and has earned Rs 70,000 this year at the annual fair.
Meera and Geeta are from different corners of the state but their success stories have one thing in common – the Self Help Group. Both of them have fought against odds to become empowered, thanks to the government run livelihood project.
Thousands of women like them have gained from this project, which traces its roots to Bangladesh and was adopted by India.It started in Bangladesh in 1976. .
It was started as a micro finance institution. It was formally recognized by the Bangladesh…

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