The inventor and billionaire who vowed to bring humanity to Mars, Musk might rethink his decision as it appears that he and the Red Planet have quite an intimate relationship.


Everything started with a simple tweet – the unverified account of the Fourth Planet responded to a rather random – since deleted – tweet of “I want to move to Mars. NO MEN THERE” with a flat rejection, stating that the only one the planet wanted was Elon.

The billionaire was quick to respond, heating up the thread with flirty messages, which ended up with a “send me hot pics and I’ll be there” scenario.

Yes, this exchange has descended into the sort of thing 13-year-olds giggle about.

Musk dropped one more flirty message, with what seems to be a reference to a questionable internet challenge that takes place in November. You’ll have to research that one yourself if you really want to know.

Mars seems to be a humorous novelty account, dropping jokes about looking cute in a selfie and getting turned down for a date by Earth.

Mars might be waiting a long time for Musk to show up. SpaceX is working on an initial test prototype of Starship and has been firing the Raptor rocket engine designed to take the spaceship into orbit and beyond.

It might break Mars’ heart to learn SpaceX plans to go visit the moon first, and even that’s not scheduled until 2023. Here’s hoping the Red Planet isn’t the jealous type.