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Shauna Rae is ready to start a new chapter by moving out on her own with her sister Rylee. Mark drives them to view a prospective house and Tara tags along with them in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the November 22 episode of I Am Shauna Rae.

On the way, Tara and Shauna start arguing in the car as sisters do. “There will always be conflict when it comes to me and Shauna. She is very opinionated and I’m very opinionated, but we don’t have the same opinions,” Tara says.

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae with her sister Rylee. (TLC)

The first house they go to is currently under renovation. While Shauna and Rylee look around, Shauna asks about changing a few things up so that everything’s accessible for her. The owners of the home joke around with Shauna about the closets.

“Overall, I thought this place was pretty much what we were kind of looking for,”…

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