Shiv Sena mouthpiece: Pak in ICU, should not bother about Kashmir


Shiv Sena has lashed out at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government over its repeated interference over the issue of India’s revocation of Article 370 of its Constitution, on August 5. The move stripped Jammu & Kashmir of its ‘special status’ and further bifurcated it into two union territories (UTs) of Jammu & Kashmir, and Ladakh.

In an article published in its mouthpiece Saamana, the saffron party said that Pakistan had not learnt any lesson despite its failure to convince the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to intervene in the issue. The article says that both Pakistan and China, a permanent member of the UNSC which called Friday’s ‘closed-door’ meet as Islamabad’s behest, fell ‘face down’ as the Security Council and the 10 non-permanent members called for India and Pakistan to resolve the issue bilaterally.

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The article further said that by trying to help a country like Pakistan, China, too, made a ‘clown of itself’. It further went on to say that Pakistan, when it comes to Kashmir, has always ‘put an axe on its own foot’ and had been ‘crushed’ in the UNSC.

It added that Pakistan can see it is failing to gather any support on Kashmir and is hence ‘frustrated’ and resorting to ‘false threats’. It also said that it is only due to Chinese ‘oxygen’ that Pakistan is still refusing to let go of the matter; however, it further said that even the Chinese oxygen was of no use on Friday.

Taking on Imran Khan, the paper said that the Pakistani Prime Minister should focus on his own country rather than on Kashmir, or India. It said that inflation was skyrocketing in the country and hence Imran should focus on controlling the same.

Finally, the article said that Pakistan had ‘coloured black its own face’ and wondered how many more times will it put an axe on its own foot.

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