Shraddha murder case: Cops recover footage of Aaftab from 3 CCTV cameras | India News

NEW DELHI: Investigators probing the Shraddha Walkar murder case have recovered footage from at least three CCTV cameras from the Chhatarpur area in which Aaftab Poonawalla has been recorded, sources confirmed. A special team has been assigned to analyse the footage, running into hundreds of hours, from these cameras.
This is a crucial breakthrough for the cops because the time factor was a major hindrance in the investigation. The murder had allegedly taken place in May, the body parts disposed of in October and the accused was arrested in November. To prove Aaftab’s culpability, cops were struggling to find CCTV footage showing him.
Most of the cameras in the area had storage capacity ranging from a few days to a month at the most. The first breakthrough came when they recovered footage of October from a camera showing Aaftab venturing out of his house around 4am. The cops then…

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