singhu: Singhu border incident conspiracy of the government, alleges Rakesh Tikait | India News

GHAZIPUR: Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait on Sunday said that the Singhu border incident was a “religious matter” and alleged that “the government was behind the act of spoiling the atmosphere near the border.”
He stated that the government should not link the Singhu Border incident with the farmers’ protest.
Speaking to ANI, Tikait alleged that the Singhu border incident was a conspiracy of the governments and said that the government can deteriorate the situation at the border at any time.
“Nihangs said it’s a religious matter and the Government should not link it to farmers’ protest. We’re talking to them and telling them that they are not needed here as of now. Government can deteriorate the situation,” said Tikait.
He further questioned the intelligence of the Central government and alleged that the government already knew about the incident since it was behind…

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