SML RFID Launches High Performance GB32U9, Designed Specifically for Accurate Tracking of Pharmaceutical Items


DALLAS, TEXAS, 8 June 2021: RFID specialist, SML RFID, has today announced that it has launched the GB32U9, its first DoseID certified inlay and the latest addition to its range of high-performance RFID tags, explicitly designed for unit-of-use medications in pharmaceutical applications. The smallest inlay to date, which is certified by DoseID and ARC Spec S, the GB32U9 is equipped with the latest chip from NXP, UCODE9, enabling industry-best read sensitivity. This new inlay provides high quality and rapid inventory counting in dense RFID tag populations.

The GB32U9 is designed to tackle the pharmaceutical industry’s pain points of tracking liquid and small items. The inlay combines its ultra small size with U9 sensitivity to provide balanced and accurate tracking of general pharmaceutical packages. Its small design means the GB32U9 easily fits on a wide range of pharmaceutical…

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