Smriti Irani shares meme comparing Arnab Goswami to a shouting mother


Women and Child Development minister Smriti Irani sense of humour has a strong fan following as she can easily come out of the garb of a union minister and spend a light moment or two on any social media platform. We have seen enough of such posts.

But this was something we were not ready for. Absolutely not.

In an Instagram post, the minister shared a meme-video of journalist Arnab Goswami where he can be heard shouting ‘Where were you?’ in a loop. And this is what Smriti Irani’s funny caption reads: When you ‘mummify’ Arnab.

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So, the celebrated journalist shouting ‘where were you?’ is actually every mom asking their kids for their whereabouts when they are late home on dandiya events. Late? Yes, late by five minutes, the union minister, who is also a mother, cracked a joke.

Meanwhile, if you were wondering, the video was from the time when the said journalist was asking questions to filmmaker Aparna Sen when the filmmaker addressed a press meet in Kolkata over a letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by 49 eminent personalities, drawing the PM’s attention to a number of tragic events including lynching.

The journalist was asking Aparna Sen a few questions while the press conference was on. “Where were you when Muslim fanatics were attacking Zaira Wasim? Where were you when Muslim Clerics issued an order asking minorities to pick up arms?” the journalist asked, but Aparna Sen didn’t reply. She continued with her press address, a portion of which is actually audible in this funny video Smriti Irani shared.

What can we say now? Hope the post is taken and appreciated in good humour. And we also hope that Smriti Irani never shouts at her children when they are late from dandiya parties. Yes, only by five minutes.