Sonu Sood gets ‘urgent’ request from a child: ‘Papa’s asking if you can send mumma to nani house?’ – bollywood


Actor Sonu Sood has been at the forefront of relief efforts as he sends migrants to their homes amid coronavirus pandemic. The actor has received accolades from politicians, celebs and common people alike and has also fielded some bizarre requests on social media with aplomb and humour.

After being asked if he can help people visit a beauty parlour and a liquor shop, he now got a request from a little girl who seems to be speaking on her father’s behalf. “Sonu Uncle… I’ve heard you are sending people home. So, Papa is asking, will you be able to send Mumma to Nani house? Let me know,” the child winks as she ends her video message.


The video was shared with the caption, “Very Very Urgent Demand @SonuSood ,So Kindly Notice And Please Fulfill The Same !!!!” Replying in the same vein, Sonu wrote, “Now this is something very challenging. Will try my best.”

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Sonu’s help to the migrants has turned him into a hero. The actor’s fans on social media recently unearthed a picture of his old train pass from 20 years ago, when he himself would travel by trains for Rs 420.

“One who has struggled in life can understand another person’s pain. Sonu Sood once would travel the local train with a pass worth Rs 420,” read the tweet. Sonu retweeted it and wrote, “Life is a full circle.”

The 46-year-old actor, known largely for playing villains in films like Simmba and Dabangg, is being hailed as a real-life hero. Pictures of Sonu waving at the labourers seated in buses has been winning hearts on the internet since early May.

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