Soros-backed DA David Soares wants NY’s criminal-justice laws fixed ASAP


Progressive, black, George-Soros-backed Albany County District Attorney David Soares has joined Mayor Eric Adams’ pleas for a special legislative session to truly fix the state’s criminal-justice laws.

The “black lives” cited to justify the no-bail and Raise the Age reforms “are the very black lives most impacted by the violence” these “reforms” have triggered, Soares points out. “The same young people” apprehended for “very violent acts [are] back out on the street” engaging in the same behavior, he warns.

Gov. Kathy Hochul is ignoring all the substance of Adams’ and Soares’ case, shifting all blame to the states’ judges (who are in fact heeding what they believe to be the clear intent of the reforms).

Soares, incidentally, was one of the nation’s first prosecutors to win office thanks to funding by Soros back in 2004….

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