St. Pat vandal proves Bragg and the left don’t care about public safety


Juan Velez just got busted for another alleged act of vandalism: Brutally hurling a rock against a Lutheran church in Queens. 

That’s after he was let off on supervised release in November for a six-month vandalism spree that culminated with him tossing a wrench through a window of the cardinal’s residence at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and also saw him dropping a glass bottle over a second-story railing at the Shops at Columbus Circle while innocents walked below.

In all, he faced charges in 15 separate incidents, each defined by a callous indifference to private property (and any human collateral damage). But thanks to Manhattan DA Alvin “Let ‘Em Loose” Bragg and our state’s insane no-bail laws, Velez walked — only to do it again. 

And the 2022 spree wasn’t his first brush with the law over his love of destruction. But Velez’s previous…

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