Supreme Court questions appointment process of EC Arun Goel, Centre asks court to ‘hold its mouth’ | India News

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday questioned the “haste” and “tearing hurry” in appointing Arun Goel as Election Commissioner. The Centre vehemently resisted the observations, with the attorney general asking the court to “hold its mouth” for a while and look into the issue in entirety.
At the outset, a five-judge Constitution bench headed by Justice K M Joseph perused the Centre’s original file pertaining to Goel’s appointment as EC, and said, “What kind of evaluation is this? Although, we are not questioning the merits of Arun Goel’s credentials but the process.”
As the bench questioned the “lightning speed” with which Goel was appointed as an EC and also that his file did not even move within departments for 24 hours, the Centre through Attorney General R Venkataramani vehemently urged the bench not to make observations without looking into the entire issue pertaining to…

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