Supreme Court refuses woman major’s plea to get double benefit | India News

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday said ‘fence sitting’ fell foul of military skills and refused a woman army officer, released from service in 2008, benefit of deemed continuation in service till 2015 to entitle her retiral dues accruing to women officers who fought and got permanent commission.
The woman officer, Major Ankita Srivastava, had joined the army in 1994 and was released after 14 years of service in 2008. She along with others were the first to move Delhi HC and succeeded in getting an order directing the government to reinstate them without backwages.
The army wrote to the five officers asking them to rejoin the army in compliance with the Delhi HC’s December 1, 2014 order. Four out of five women officers – Lt Col Priyamvada A Mardikar, Anju Ahlawat, Asha Kale and Saras Handa – rejoined the service with effect from March 30, 2015.
However, Maj Ankita Srivastava did…

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