Teacher puts cardboard boxes on students’ heads to prevent them from cheating


A teacher in Mexico has triggered outrage by forcing students to wear cardboard boxes on their heads during an examination.


Enraged parents demanded that Colegio de Bachilleres Del Estado De Tlaxcala in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala dismiss the teacher over the act, Daily Mail UK reported.

The Ethics and Values teacher, identified as Luis Juarez Texis, made the entire class wear boxes on their heads apparently to stop the students from cheating.

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“This is how Luis Juarez Texis treats and humiliates his class,” the parents said in a Facebook post, adding they have asked the authorities to “protect the rights of the students” and to discourage such kind of “physical, emotional and psychological violence.”

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“We beg the federal and state educational authorities and institutions to watch for the rights of young people,” the post said, according to Aol.

Photos show the boxes had cut-out holes for eyes and faces as the students appear to be writing on pieces of paper on their desks.

The college sought to justify the “playful”, “dynamic exercise” by claiming it was aimed at helping “the students’ psychomotor development.”

It also claimed that the students had “consented” to the exercise beforehand, adding it “respected human and individual rights.”

In 2013, a school in Thailand was forced to issue an apology for viral photo of its students wearing anti-cheating hats during an examination.