Texas attorney Gavin Rush caught on camera trying to kill ex-girlfriend at Austin bar


A crazed attorney from Austin, Texas was caught on camera allegedly trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend at the bar she worked at on Saturday, police said.

Gavin Rush, 41, is out on bond after he allegedly stormed into the Anderson Mill Pub with a gun around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and approached his ex, who was behind the bar, according to arrest records obtained by KVUE.

He put a small leather satchel on the table and asked if he could speak with her. When she said “no,” he drew the gun and pointed it at her, with the laser sight aimed at her chest, according to the affidavit and dramatic surveillance footage of the incident shared by Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly.

Video of the incident shows two customers at the bar leap into action and tackle Rush, who reportedly fired off multiple shots in the struggle, and held him until police…

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