Texas man allegedly destroyed NYC church statue


A Texas man was charged with a hate crime and a slew of other offenses after allegedly vandalizing a Mother Mary statue and defecating on a sign at a Queens church, police and sources said.

The blasphemous crime began when Jia Wang allegedly drove his car onto the front lawn of Mary’s Nativity-St. Ann Church in Flushing Monday afternoon and barreled over a sign, law enforcement sources said.

After hearing a loud commotion, Rev. Jose Diaz ran outside the church to find the devilish scene, he told The Tablet. Diaz thought the crash was an accident until he saw Wang put the car in reverse and allegedly run over the sign again.

Wang, 37, spotted the pastor, pointed the vehicle at him and accelerated, Diaz claims.

The pastor ran to safety atop the church front steps but recorded the rest of the unholy incident.

Wang grabbed a car jack and allegedly whacked…

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