The Details on the Friday/Saturday Inundation


If you were planning to take a hike on Friday, forget it.  Thinking about painting your house?  No way.

It is going to be very, very wet on Friday and early Saturday, and I suspect some daily precipitation records will be broken.

But let me give you the details.

Let’s start by showing you the latest accumulated precipitation totals forecast by the European Center model for the period ending 5 PM Sunday.  Virtually all of the mountainous areas of the region will get more than 2 inches, with some being hit by 5 or more (particularly the Olympics and North Cascades).

The UW forecast model, driven by the U.S. GFS global model,  for the period ending 5 PM Saturday, has a similar distribution. 3-5 inches in the mountains will be extensive, with some “favored” areas being wetted by 5-7 inches.

How much confidence should you have in this forecast?  An important question.

We are close enough…

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