The Heat Wave Ends As Marine Air Starts Pushing Eastward


 The temperatures during the past month have been a roller coaster, with extended periods of above normal and below normal temperatures (see plot below for Sea-Tac, the purple line is the normal high, the cyan line is the normal low).  The last two days have topped out around 85F, around 20F above normal!

Did we break any temperature records during the period? 

Not one (see plot below, which show the observed highs and lows, with the dashed lines showing the daily records).    This time of the year you have to exceed 90F to have a chance of a daily high record, below 40F for a record low.

80s F were prevalent today over the Puget Sound interior and low one hundreds in the Columbia Basin (see today’s highs in the graphic below, click on image to enlarge).

An upper-level trough of low pressure is approaching as I write this blog, and this feature has initiated an onshore push of…

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