The IIHM International College of Distinguished Fellows confers Fellow of IIHM to 60 Global Hospitality Leaders at Second Convocation Ceremony

The Hospitality industry has displayed immense strength and resilience through the pandemic. The stalwarts associated with this industry have shown their wholehearted dedication and passion towards their work and serving society. Across the world, this zeal among Hospitality professionals has inspired others to follow in their footsteps.

To spread the light of inspiration, knowledge, and experience, the IIHM International College of The Distinguished Fellows organized a second convocation ceremony where 60 dedicated professionals of the Hospitality industry across the World, were conferred the title of Fellows of IIHM. All of those who received this honour, have immensely contributed to the international Hospitality industry and would now share their knowledge and experiences to educate and nurture the future generation of hospitality professionals studying at IIHM.

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