The President’s daughter has been ridiculed after making a controversial post on Twitter following a trip to Africa.


The President’s daughter and adviser spent four days in Africa visiting Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast.

In response to a tweet by NBC News reporter Mac William Bishop, Ivanka said “it was my privilege” after meeting and dancing with Ivorian women. The tweet sparked backlash from users who soon started ridiculing her “privileged” lifestyle. The 37-year-old’s first visit was to the Dumoro Coffee shop in Addis Ababa. During the outing, she met with Ethiopian women representing the coffee industry. Here, they discussed the empowerment of women in the Ethiopian coffee industry. She has made the trip in order to promote the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP), which launched in February. She told her 6.37 million followers: “Joined @USAIDMarkGreen and the Ethiopian Women in Coffee Association (EWIC) for a great discussion (and coffee cupping!) with inspiring female entrepreneurs.


The President’s daughter and adviser spent four days in Africa. Many tweets included images and gifs describing the irony of Ivanka’s tweet. During her visit, Ivanka also interacted with local businesses and politicians. After leaving the continent, Ivanka tweeted farewell to the Ivory Coast in their native language: “Au revoir, Côte d’Ivoire!” It comes as the First Daughter revealed she turned down an offer from her father Donald Trump to lead the World Bank.

During her trip to Africa, Ivanka confirmed her father had offered her the role which went to David Malpass. However, she refused to answer questions on whether her father had offered her any other roles within the White House. She responded to the questions by saying it is “between me and my father”. Currently, Ivanka serves as a White House advisor to her father and undertakes work on issues such as workforce development and women’s empowerment.