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Rob & Tom share four Super Bowl rings and a friendship that is as legendary as their NFL careers! Find out more about it here!

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are definitely friendship goals taken to the next level! The two superstar NFL teammates have formed a tight bond over the years, which has matured into a lasting bromance both on and off the field. The Rob and Tom dynamic is so effortless, they can enjoy the spoils of winning Super Bowls or nurse their wounds after losing at the Kentucky Derby. Either way, this relationship is one for the books.

Tom Brady
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have a bromance for the ages! (Steve Luciano/AP/Shutterstock)

“I would say basically the friendships are developed over football too,” Rob explained to reporters in 2018. “Over studying football together, getting together in the offseason, extra stuff during the season and you just want to build…

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