These Cremadettes are to die for


I have always been enamored with Wildflour, specifically how they constantly manage to do things a notch better than usual.

Their offerings somehow look and taste better, prepared with a distinct flair and done their signature way—the Wildflour way.

Being one of the trendsetters in the industry, they have managed to reinvent themselves time and again, despite the pandemic, to provide their patrons with premium gustatory experiences.

According to Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo, this is not new. She said that even before COVID, “Wildflour has always changed with the times while striving to remain timeless, doing our best to stay ahead of the curve at every step.”

Due to the uncertainty of times, became a priority. This way, customers are able to delight in their favorites within the confines of their homes.

Having made the website and the app user-friendly…

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