This two-wheeler has mini ATM and plays music on voice commands


A video of a wonder bike, Tarzan, is going viral on social media. The video which shows the vehicle working on the voice commands of its owner is being circulated widely across social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The video shows that the motorcycle has a voice command ATM. It even plays music on voice command and takes off from the stand and can be parked very easily. The vehicle’s engine starts when given a voice command. The video shows the bike’s owner, who identifies himself as Mohammad Sayeed, asking a man to come in front of the vehicle and look at the bike’s front side. After a light blinks, the man commands the bike’s mini ATM to give him five rupees. A black ‘ATM’ box installed on the vehicle dispenses a coin.

The owner of the mini ATM fixed motorbike claims he that it is the first such ATM made by him that works on a voice command. He then demonstrates how the motorbike can be taken off from the stand without hassle and park itself automatically.

The owner of the motorbike then gives a voice command to play music and indicates with his hand to stop it. The owner of the motorbike says that he is from Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly. The bike starts itself as the man says “Tarzan” and then also demonstrates how to turn it off, when asked. The ‘Sooraj’ bike runs on diesel.