Trainees hit by avalanche part of tough NIM course that grooms ‘lead climbers’ | India News

DEHRADUN: The group of 34 trainees and seven instructors who were hit by an avalanche were part of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering’s (NIM) Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC), one among the seven courses offered by the premier climbing institution.
The 28-day-long course, which started on September 22, aims at training participants to become “leaders and members of expeditions” into the Himalayas and turn them into “lead climbers”, says NIM. The institute functions under the aegis of the ministry of defence.
The AMC group that was hit by the avalanche was part of this season’s last course. The next course is supposed to start in April 2023, Colonel Amit Bisht, principal NIM, told TOI.
Course participants, after completing the rock-climbing training at the Tekhla climbing training ground, moved to the mountain area on September 23. They arrived at the base camp two days…

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