Turbulence hits 2 Air India Planes: Commode Rips Off, Cabin Crew Injured

Passengers were unhurt, but one of the Air India planes suffered damage.


2 Air India planes suffer damages due to turbulence


Two Air India planes were struck by extreme turbulence this week, reports said on Sunday. On September 17, an Air India flight AI 467 from Delhi to Vijaywada with 174 passengers onboard suffered severe turbulence, resulting in alleged minor injuries to the cabin crew. Due to the injuries caused during turbulence, the cabin crew had to undergo a routine check-up after landing at their destination airport. In another incident on September 20, Air India flight AI 048 from Delhi to Kochi also suffered severe turbulence. Due to the uneven movement mid-flight, the cabin luggage fell on the aircraft floor. The 172 passengers on board have been reported to be safe.