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TV actor Tina Philip, who is best known for playing the lead in Ek Astha Aisi Bhi (2017), is all set to get married in April, with fiancee and long-time boyfriend Nikhil Sharma. As she prepares for the ceremonies surrounding her twin wedding ceremonies – on April 4 and April 8 – Hindustan Times caught up with the actor. Tina and Nikhil will marry according to Catholic and Hindu rituals in separate ceremonies.

“We have two weddings – April 4 is the Catholic wedding and April 8 will be the Hindu wedding, The Christian wedding will be held in Juhu (Mumbai) because this is where we met and this is where our dreams have come true. The function will be held in the evening, by the beach and it will be like a sundowner. So the Catholic ceremony will be outdoors,” said Tina, a Christian girl who left her home in the UK for a career in India.


“Then we have the Hindu wedding in Haridwar on April 8th. It will be held by the banks of River Ganga. We will follow Vedic rituals and it will be held at 8am in the morning. Both the wedding venues have water bodies nearby – the Christian wedding is sea-facing while the Hindu one is on the banks of Ganga,” she added.

Elaborating on how it felt planning her own wedding, Tina laughed as she said, “I feel I will become a wedding planner after this. I am basically planning the entire wedding – whether negotiating with decor guy or catering. I am quite excited but also nervous that all should go well on the D-day. I have known Nikhil for a long time so I am not nervous on that front. I am more concerned about how things will unfold and whether everything will be fine during the ceremonies.”

Asked how Nikhil is helping her with the preparations, Tina said he needs to take care of the ceremonies in Haridwar, and hence, cannot help her much. “Nikhil has got other stuff to do. He is helping as much as he can but he is got to take care of the Hindu wedding. I can’t take him to my wedding shopping so I am taking friends for shopping and Nikhil joins me for catering, food and wine tasting sessions and stuff.”


She also talked about how she never wanted to get married, but gave in when she found a caring and family-oriented guy like Nikhil. “I have always been really ambitious and was never interested in marriage. My friends even ask Nikhil till date if he really wants to marry me. After Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi, it was really devastating for me because I left a lot in the UK – my family, my school friends, and an entire life – for the show. I had put all my bets on the show and we really got along while shooting. We used to talk but we were not friends. After the show, he helped me. Usne apna kandha diya aur mai uske peeche pad gai (He offered me his shoulder but now I am after him). I tell my friends that I was not ready because I had not found a guy like Nikhil and now I am all set for the marriage. However, he was sure about me right in the beginning and would always ask me for marriage,” she said.

She also said Nikhil’s joint family attracted her to him. “He comes from a joint family. There are 33 members in his family and they live together in the same building, on different floors. I did these small checks before – I visited his family, met them all and they were so supportive, warm and accepting. I tried him on all my tests and he came out with flying colours. He is very kind, he loves family. Everybody has their own life, there are no rules in his house but I love how chilled out people in his family are. I like spending time with the kids and elderly people in his family. The house has people in the age range of one year to 90.”

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Asked what made Nikhil go for her, she said it was possibly family values. “I think loyalty and trust are some traits we share despite our different religions. He makes me feel beautiful inside out.”

After the marriage, Nikhil and Tina plan to live in Mumbai and are yet to decide on a date for their honeymoon. “We just want to work. I lived in UK and have visited most of Europe but I left Greece for my honeymoon. We are going to have a reception in the UK as well and that will be like the last, last function,” she said as she signed off.

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