US man who has beaten cancer twice wins $4.6 mn state lottery


If you, like me, din’t believe in the concept of luck, here’s a real story that might make you believe in luck. A man from Orgeon, USA, won a lottery of a whooping 4.5 million dollars. And he is a cancer survivor. Not once but twice.

Meet Stu Macdonald. CNN, reported that Macondald, buys Oregon Lottery tickets every week, and every week before his purchase, his wife Claudia tells him to “get the winning ticket.”

On September 7th, his wife forgot to tell me to buy the winning ticket. And it was that time he ended up buying a winning ticket worth $4.6 million.

“I am a very lucky guy,” he said in a statement. “I survived cancer twice and here I am. This is amazing.”

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After taxes, he took home about $1.5 million. A cafe where he purchased the quick pick ticket got a selling bonus of $46,000, the lottery said.

A spokesman for the Oregon Lottery told CNN that MacDonald hadn’t agreed to any interviews or to release any images of himself, so you’ll have to imagine the grin on his face when he found out about winning a million dollars.

MacDonald is lucky, indeed. Both, the chances of winning the lottery and beating cancer is exceedingly rare.