User info linked to 18 crore Domino’s orders leaked


CHENNAI: In a major data leak, customer information related to 18 crore orders placed with Domino’s India have been made public by a hacker who claims to have breached the pizza major’s servers. The day on which an order was placed on Domino’s website or app, the exact delivery location, and the amount spent were among the information put out by the hacker.
“Domino’s India Data Breach 13TB employee files and customer details. Search your phone number or mail
id. 180M rows searchable,” reads a web page with a search link created by the hacker. The hackers also declared that payment details and employee files will be made public soon.
The leak was first noted by cybersecurity researcher Rajashekhar Rajaharia who flagged it on Twitter. “The worst part of this alleged breach is that people are using this data to spy on people,” he said.
As of Sunday evening, around 1.8…

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