Video blogger eats poisonous centipedes, geckos on live stream; dies


    Challenges on the internet have become a weekly phenomenon. While some are created to engage users in a creative manner, there are a few which lead to injuries and even death.  One of them was the ‘Momo Challenge’ where a character by the name of ‘Momo’ targeted teenagers and children to perform dangerous tasks.


    Apart from challenges, there are many vloggers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube who perform life-threating tasks just with the intention of going viral. One such vlogger was a man surnamed Sun from China, whose dangerous stunt during a live-stream cost him his life.

    The 35-year-old, who hailed from East China, died during a live broadcast after eating poisonous centipedes and geckos alive. According to a Mail Online report, Sun was found without life signs in his apartment.

    For two nights back to back, Sun was filming himself drinking large amounts of alcohol, eating centipedes, geckos, and even mealworms. He live-streamed his dangerous stunts on DouYu, one of China’s largest live-streaming websites.

    According to a Xinan Evening News report, Sun had more than 15,000 followers on DonYu and would live-stream sessions every night.

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    In most of his videos, Sun would spin a wheel marked with items like centipedes, geckos, vinegar, eggs, mealworms, beer, and baijiu. He would then proceed to drink or eat the item where the marker would stop.

    Local police said they found Sun unconscious in the room with his laptop in live-streaming mode. After a thorough investigation, authorities ruled out foul play and Sun’s videos were removed from DonYu.

    In China, many youngsters gain overnight stardom by live-streaming their videos. While most vloggers are filmed singing and dancing, there are some who are famous for performing dangerous acts.

    In May, a woman was left injured after trying to eat an octopus during a live-stream video.

    Another live-streaming star from China, Wu Yongning, fell to his death from the 62nd floor of a skyscraper while filming a video on November 2017.