You thought, you can go hell drunk, create a mess and get away with it smoothly. Not so easy when we have badass women around. A recent viral video surfacing online has become the talk of social media. It was originally recorded in 2016 on the surveillance camera of the unidentified liquor store where a drunk man was seen creating a ruckus. Yes, the clip is old, but it is now resurfacing online, after a Twitter user, @_SJPeace_ shared it with a caption, “I don’t condone violence. With that said, this woman is a SHERO.” Netizens cannot get enough of it.


The video of the tiff was recorded on the surveillance camera of the liquor store. The time stamp on the video shows that it was midnight of February 26, 2016, and everybody was going about there work. When suddenly one drunk bully started beating another drunk man standing before him in the cashier line. The man kept banging the other and much more drunk man in a beer fridge right next to him.

When suddenly the woman from behind the counter came out and started punching and kicking the bully and knocked him down. We are pretty sure he got a good off the ground.

Watch the video here:

The internet cannot get enough of this woman and these comments are proof.

That Last Punch Though.

Apart from the date and time, nothing else is really clarified through the video. But identified the girl to be Russian. Nevertheless, it was really terrific, and we definitely need more such women to tackle the mess happening at public places. More power to you girl!