Video shows Tesla driver asleep in moving car; Tesla calls it a prank


A Massachusetts man has posted a video online that appears to show the driver of a Tesla car sleeping as he and a passenger speed along a highway.

Teslas have an autopilot function, but the company says drivers are expected to remain alert.

Dakota Randall took a video on Sunday that showed the driver’s head slumped down. Randall said the car was a Tesla. In the passenger’s seat, another person appears to be sleeping.

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“I kind of looked over and saw what I thought was somebody asleep at the wheel and I was like that can’t be right, so I did a double take, looked over and sure enough this guy was just, head between his legs completely asleep,” Randall told NBC10 Boston. “It seemed like he had his cruise control on around like 55-60 miles per hour.”

The video was shot on an interstate highway in Newton, Massachusetts.

Randall says the car was traveling 90-95km/h (55-60 mph), and he honked to try to wake the driver. He told NBC he drove next to the Tesla for about 45 seconds to a minute before speeding up and leaving the sleeping driver behind.

“Some guy literally asleep at the wheel on the Mass Pike (great place for it),” he tweeted.

He did not call police. State police said they were aware of the video.

A Tesla spokesperson said the driver-monitoring system repeatedly reminds drivers to remain engaged and prohibits the use of autopilot when warnings are ignored.