Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks claims his words are worth ‘a pretty penny’


The madman who murdered six people when he plowed a car into the Waukesha Christmas parade tried to squeeze The Post for money during a bizarre jail interview.

Just two days before he was sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison on Wednesday, Brooks hid from an iPad’s camera inside his cell in the Waukesha County jail during a video “televisit” with The Post.

With Brooks out of the frame, the camera showed a ranting man in an adjacent cell, who stared and squinted to get a look at the reporter. “Nobody’s gonna talk to you, clout chaser!” the man yelled.

After remaining silent for 15 minutes, Brooks, 40, suddenly spoke up — in the third-person — while posing as a “family friend.”

“If you wanna talk to Mr. Brooks … you’re gonna have to send a check to Mr. Brooks,” he declared.

A video still of Brooks' alleged vehicle driving through the 2021 Waukesha parade.
A video still of Brooks’ alleged…

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