When using an ATM, ‘do these checks’, Paytm founder warns


A video of a tampered ATM machine has gone viral on social media after it was spotted by a group of vigilant citizens at Arjun Nagar area in New Delhi. The 2.20-minute clip, allegedly shot at a Canara Bank ATM, shows a card skimming device installed with a camera along with a memory card to clone debit cards.


Tweeted by a user named Rosy, the video shows a person removing the additional devices attached to the ATM machine. “Your card can be cloned at ATMs. This ATM had a camera and chip installed very cleverly. Watch the video to see what to check before using ATMs,” read the viral post.

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The clip has been viewed over 80,000 times and has also been retweeted by UP Police additional superintendent Rahul Srivastav and Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar. Responding to the post, Canara Bank said, “At Canara Bank, we take strict measures to safeguard our customers. We immediately located and removed the skimmer from Gowtami Nagar, DELHI ATM & no data has been compromised.”

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