Who is the Spawn Universe’s New Star, Gunslinger Spawn?


The Spawn universe has a variety of hellspawn, created by the demon Malebolgia. There have been a few different iterations of the comics’ main character and the hellspawn, including Medieval Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and Raven Spawn. Lately, Gunslinger Spawn – a fan favorite – has been garnering some extra attention, but who exactly is he and what do fans need to know about him?

Gunslinger Spawn first appeared in Spawn #119 in 2002, in a very brief cameo with no dialogue. In 2008, his backstory was revealed within Spawn #174 and #175. This hellspawn had the name of Jeremy Winston, but was known as “ol’ Job”. He was a former preacher in Bane, Colorado in 1881, before being framed for the murder of his own family. A rich man named Ed Kemper was after silver on Winston’s land. He wanted it so bad, he tried to force a deal which quickly went south since Winston’s wife wasn’t the…

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