Why are Northwest Summers So Dry? And a Cool Forecast for the Next Week


Midsummers in the Pacific Northwest are dry on average.

Really dry.  Drier than Phoenix.  In my podcast, I tell you why.

And then there is the forecast for this weekend and next week.   As expected this time of the year, it will be dry.  

But it will also be cool, as a trough of low pressure parks of our coast, while high pressure builds inland. (see image for Sunday morning).  The results will be onshore flow west of the Cascade crest, with low clouds in the morning, but sun during the afternoon most days.

Upper level (500hPa, about 18,000 ft) heights (like pressure) at 8 AM Sunday morning.  A deep low is west of BC and a ridge is found just west of the Rockies.

Worried about smoke?  Actually, this pattern will be favorable for western Washington and Oregon, with BC, eastern WA, and CA smoke pushed eastward.  

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