Why is India not an OIC member | India News

NEW DELHI: India is home to the world’s third largest Muslim population, next only to Indonesia and Pakistan. It is projected to become number one by the year 2060. Yet, India is not a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
OIC has at various times over the years weighed the prospects of India joining as a member. But it stopped well short of a consensus- the most vociferous opposition, not surprisngly, coming from Pakistan every time.
India was invited to the first OIC summit in 1969, and even addressed the session. But that did not go down well with Pakistan, and it used its influence to keep India out from further sessions.
The matter even came up in 2006, during the Saudi king’s India visit. The Saudi team said it would be good if the proposal of India’s membership to OIC is introduced by Pakistan.
As expected, Pakistan objected. Any membership aspirant should not…

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